Joe Ferraro | Founder & CEO |

Joe has been involved in the broadcasting industry since the late nineties. Recognized for his work with Sportsnet as the creator and Host of ‘UFC Central’, his experience in-front of, and behind the cameras is second to none.

Coupled with his degree from Trebas Institute, he founded My Team Video based on his passion for amateur sports, videography, editing and his vision of taking minor sports to a whole new level in the modern digital age.

Matthew McGuffin | Director of Business Development |

Matt is a former 38th overall pick in the 1990 OHL Draft. He played with Cornwall Royals and Niagara Falls Thunder in the Ontario Hockey League. Matt had numerous stops in his hockey career from the Junior, University and Pro Level. Currently, he is in his sixth year scouting for the Kitchener Rangers of the Ontario Hockey League and in his second year scouting for the Toronto Junior Canadiens of the Ontario Junior Hockey League.

Matt is the Vice President of Level-Up Sports Group and President of McGuffin Hockey Inc.

Our Vision

Our goal is to create an online video database/archive for the minor sports world. Think of it as ‘The Facebook for Amateur Sports’.

Ferraro founded My Team Video in 2015, after years of discussing his own past, playing amateur sports, with friends and family.

During these casual conversations, many common themes arose: everyone would reminisce about past teammates, wondering who made it to the big leagues? What were they up to now? Etc.

You could easily measure how proud everybody was to have played on a specific team, while wondering what it would be like to quickly look back at some of the archival footage of everyone in action. Everyone just wanted something more than the traditional team picture … and so, My Team Video was born.

Imagine being able to quickly see today’s biggest sports stars, evolve right in front of your eyes, in a matter of minutes! Now we can.

With one click, you could see a Team’s annual video and their development anywhere, anytime on any device.

Perfect for Sports Associations And Tournaments

Most teams have their own website page under the association banner as do the tournaments they host.

With video being the number one driver for website visits, My Team Video is a simple, inexpensive solution for associations looking to promote their sport, their teams and it’s players.

Associations can immediately separate themselves from others within their sport and community, while proudly standing out in a manner that shows they are proud of their membership.

Showcasing a team online feeds into the current buzz that is social media today.

Many players are compelled to promote themselves and their teams via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Parents now have another option to watch and be proud of their kids.

The sharing of each video (on a global scale) is one click away. We have seen it first hand: every team video is shared with friends and family all over the world. We are proud to say we have had video views from all over North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

Every team, every sport, every age group and every genre – our goal is to provide a video that will bring a smile to everyone’s face, for years to come.

My Team Video: The Ultimate Way To Remember Your Team.

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