Do you also offer single-player profile videos for college recruitment purposes?2017-10-18T11:49:09-05:00

Yes we do … please contact joe.ferraro@myteamvideo.com to discuss how we can help.

How long does the Team Video recording take?2017-10-18T12:26:26-05:00

On average, the whole recording process takes less than 30 mins.

Five mins to prep the players and coaches on what to say during their introductions and about 25 mins to record them all.

Where and when do you record?2017-10-18T12:29:08-05:00

We record on game nights at the venue of your choice. The date is always up to you, as we accommodate your schedule and preferences.

How should My Team dress up for their introductions?2017-10-18T12:35:43-05:00

This will always come down to personal preference.

Some teams get dressed up while others prefer a more casual look.

Some teams want to be in full equipment and uniform while others wish to showcase their team track suits.

How long will it take for My Team to get the final video?2017-10-18T12:37:33-05:00

Our goal is to have your team’s video completed within 7-10 business days.

Depending on the time of year, volumes will dictate the amount of time it will take for us to complete each and every video. 

If there are circumstances outside of our control ( i.e. a player who was not in attendance during filming yet wants to supply their own footage), this will delay the completion of the final product.

Our goal is to provide you with a high quality product that you will instantly be satisfied with.


How will you send My Team’s completed video to me?2017-10-18T12:44:01-05:00

Once your team’s video is completed, your team representative will receive an email from My Team Video, with a copy of the video, the link to the video itself, and options to share via social media.

Can I supply my own pictures and videos for My Team’s video?2017-10-18T12:48:02-05:00

While it is not something we recommend, if you do have a high quality video that represents a player or coach well, we would be more than happy to review and discuss. If it fits within the framework of the video, we would be more than happy to insert it in.

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