Sponsorships, Scholarships, Donations And More

My Team Video prides itself on creating memories for each and every player and team we record.

Our team videos are always appreciated in the short term, but it’s when the players look back 5, 10, 20 and even 30 years from now, when they truly feel the impact and garner the potential benefits of the product.

To be able to reconnect with former teammates is a wonderful feeling, similar to our “Give Back Program” for all sports associations and tournament providers.

Giving Back

For every 10 or more videos purchased, My Team Video will donate 10% of it’s revenue back to the association or tournament in the form of a Sponsorship, Scholarship or Charitable Cause.

The math is simple. Here are some examples (based on a hockey roster of 17 players):

Minimum of 10 team videos = $510 donated back

15 team videos = $765

20 team videos = $1,020

30 team videos = $1,530

50 team videos = $2,550

70 team videos = $3,570

Videos Are A Sellable Item

Our videos are predominantly purchased by Select / Rep teams, and are often used by those teams to generate even more money for their squads, as the video itself is a sellable item.

A simple example can be “The 2017 Toronto Cardinals … Brought To You By <Sponsor Logo and Tagline>”.

Some have even sold the video segments by position: “Forwards Brought To You By <Sponsor Logo and Tagline>”, “Defence Brought To You By <Sponsor Logo and Tagline>”, etc.

In doing so, the videos will be paid for by themselves … one sponsor, be it a local business or a parent who is an entrepreneur, can cover the cost of the annual video with ease.

The value to the sponsor would be immense, as it will be lifetime advertising for the cost of supporting a local sports team. The videos will live forever and be shared constantly from the moment they go live online.

Sponsorship, Scholarship, Charitable Causes And More

Without the Sport’s Associations and their teams, My Team Video would not be here today, so giving back will always be part of our business model.

Sponsorships: depending on the association’s goals, we would be more than happy to sponsor a house league team or review and purchase any sponsorship programs, be it Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze.

Scholarships: a personal favourite of our Founder, My Team Video takes great pride in creating and funding annual scholarships for player’s who are set to graduate high school and are prepping to attend a post-secondary school. The program’s criteria is simple: the player must not only be apart of the association, but also an upstanding member of their community, having partaken in volunteer hours in their area and/or within their association and having grades that emulate a hard-working student. For more info, feel free to contact joe.ferraro@myteamvideo.com .

Other Options: donated funds from My Team Video can also be used by any Association who has a program set-up to help families who cannot afford for their child to play a specific sport. Perhaps an association needs to use the money to fund a year-end banquet, or sponsor a hole at a golf-tournament. No matter the cause, My Team Video will always be there to give back.