My Team Video takes pride in being part of the the journey in helping student/athletes and their families effectively navigate the college recruiting and athletic scholarship process by showcasing their athletic abilities and achievements.

The recruitment process is a highly competitive one, so our goal is to ensure the athlete stands out from the rest.

It is key to understand that that the number of elite athletes outnumber the available scholarships so the one item that can make the biggest difference, is having a well-produced recruitment video.

We have worked with athletes who have played hockey, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, volleyball, baseball and more.

We work with the athlete and their family to craft the ideal recruitment video. We can film games and practices and incorporate an on-camera player introduction that showcases the athlete’s personality (a very important aspect that many coaches want to see).

Depending on the college or university, tuition can cost anywhere from $100,000 and $200,000. A professionally done recruiting video can save a family and student-athlete thousands of dollars, while getting him/her into the school of their choice.

The cost of a recruitment video is a mere fraction of the price of tuition and can provide the biggest return on investment for the athlete and their family.

My Team Video provides a variety of options and discounts for athletes and their teammates.

Our professional recruitment video starts at $399 (CDN plus tax).

This includes a professional videographer coming out to record a quick personal introduction by the athlete, a brief character interview with a coach and the recording of one full game.

The cost to record two games is $649 (CDN plus tax).

A professional editor will then take the athlete’s introduction, their highlights from the game and the coach’s interview to put together the final product.

Below is an example for you to review:

Dylan Labellle #18 Milton Winterhawks

Compare this to the average of $799 (USD) in the United States, and you will see that the value for your dollar spent is simply incomparable. There are some services that charge $1999 (USD) for the exact product My Team Video provides.

My Team Video can also edit your existing footage to put together the ideal Recruitment Video.

The cost for this is $149 (CDN plus tax).

We also offer a 15% discount, should two or more players on the same team require recruitment videos.

Our goal is to make our recruitment videos affordable for athletes and their families, while making them stand out from the rest.

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